Creating music for over three decades, Pepperkayn has worked in studios and with many incredibly talented artists from around the world, and this is what has shaped the music style they now produce. Their love for music is absolute and believe that music should not be limited to 'standards' set by the 'industry'. "Music, like art and photography, is a 'free' art. There should be no restrictions or conventions on being creative - and I like to think that my music is without convention.

The musical works of the Orchestral Engine are synthetic-based and have a progressive 'visual' style incorporating orchestral or operatic elements; anything from a solo flute or a string quartet recorded in a local church, to a fifty-voice choir or a full-blown two hundred piece orchestra may be featured.

Pepperkayn continues to work with other artists, so if you would like to collaborate on a project, please get in touch.

The Orchestral Engine